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30 oktober 2008

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Lekker bezig, die McCain...


22 oktober 2008

Tivoli, 16 oktober

16 oktober 2008

Concert van Julia & Angus Stone bekend van de "Tot maandag reclame" :

met in het hoofdprogramma: Martha Wainwright:

Altijd gezellig, voorprogramma was wat ons betreft beter dan het hoofdprogramma, maar Tivoli blijft gezellig.

The Sun

14 oktober 2008

Wow, prachtige foto's van de zon...

Wolf at the door

13 oktober 2008

As expected, Scott Guthrie just announced the final version of Silverlight 2 to become available Oct 14th, early morning. Thats probably Seattle time so it'll be in the evening in Holland and midnight (almost Oct 15th) Manila time.

Anyway, not much exciting news (not that we know off) but some things are exciting:

  • New tooling for VS2008 (also for web express versions) and Blend, no support for VS2005 since platform is not natively compatible with the SL API's;
  • Adoption of Silverlight: 1 in 4 computers already has it, in some countries its up to 50%;
  • Previous versions of Silverlight will auto update to the last version;
  • Interop with Eclipse;
  • XAML vocabulary will be published on OSP (Open Specification Promise - http://www.microsoft.com/interop/osp/default.mspx);
  • Opensource ControlPack available on Codeplex (http://www.codeplex.com) already 11 controls, goal is about 50. Scheduled release date is end of the month / early next month. Controls will include the controls mentioned on Shawn Burke's site.

Some questions I asked:

  • Mobile : support coming (already in private testing) - both Windows Mobile and Symbian;
  • No offline support (yet);
  • From RC0 to final: no API changes, just bug fixes and some UI polishing;
  • Cardspace : no plans to officially support this from Silverlight. Guess its still the messy javascript;
  • Printing : samples are coming to support bitmap to browser printing command, more advanced features are coming later on;

Other interesting question:

  • 5 keystrokes added to full screen mode, others are still restricted due to security issues. More "safe" keystrokes are maybe gonna be added though mainly focused on gaming (arrowkeys etc).
  • IPhone interop: Silverlight did talk with Apple but due to control restrictions on IPhone, Apple doesn't allow browser plugins (like Silverlight) on the IPhone. It might in the future but right it now it doesn't.
  • G1 (Google phone): different from IPhone since its more open. Definitely gonna be released.
  • Chrome: first release had some issues with painting issues. Latest Chrome developer release does work (not tested on MAC version yet). How to enable developer release: see mydigitallife.

PS 1: see press conference site for more info and a transcript and recording of the call.

PS 2: Conference call still ongoing, might be updates later on...

PS 3: Conference call ended at 19:14 (GTM +1). Took about 1 hour and 10 mins. Lotta exciting stuff!

PS 4: Read about it here: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2008/oct08/10-13Silverlight2PR.mspx

Listen to ScottGu's teleconference here: mms://wm.microsoft.com/ms/presspass/2008/10-13SL2_RTW_TeleconferencePlayback.wma

Stone -> IPhone

13 oktober 2008