Zaanse Schans

22 maart 2009


Looks like Silverlight 3 is rolled-out: Runtime, SDK and documentation are already available for download. See the Client / Server libs?


Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1:



Blend 3 Preview:


Radiohead are working on new material and are planning a tour this Summer as guitarist Ed O’Brien revealed to the BBC.

Ed O’Brien told Newsbeat that Radiohead would be hitting the studio soon. “We are working on new material,” he explained. “We’ll be doing some more recording. It’s business as usual. “We’ve sort of finished the bulk of [In Rainbows] touring,” he added. “We will be doing a little bit of touring in the summer, watch this space!”

O’Brien was speaking at the launch of the Featured Artists’ Coalition (FAC) lobby group in London on Wednesday, on which we reported yesterday.

Joined on FAC’s committee by artists including Blur’s Dave Rowntree, Kate Nash and Billy Bragg, Ed said: “At the moment a lot of rights and revenue streams are being carved up in this new era, and I think it’s really important that we’re in there fighting our corner.

“Radiohead signed very traditional record company contracts, and it was exactly what we wanted to do at the time and there’s no bitterness, but I think there’s an inherent feeling that they’re just a bit old school.”

O’Brien explained that one of FAC’s main aims is to support younger artists coming through: “There are some bigger names here but the whole essence of what we’re trying to do is really largely aimed at, and for the benefit of, the younger musician, the people coming into the music industry for the first time”

source : ateaseweb

Being a program manager

10 maart 2009

The best programmers are notoriously brilliant, and have some trouble imagining what it must be like not to be able to memorize 16 one-letter command line arguments. These programmers then have a tendency to get attached to their first ideas, especially when they’ve already written the code.

source : JoelOnSoftware

Joel talks about being a program manager. Very interesting stuff and as usual, Joel knows howto put things spot on. He really is a talented writer...

Arie Boomsma

9 maart 2009

First steps into HDR

9 maart 2009

Still learning....


6 maart 2009

Leuk, nieuwe klant van Infa heeft een filmpje van ons product (onze productlijn eigenlijk) gemaakt:


When Microsoft decides to imagine the future, it never fails to impress. Not only do you have some of the smartest people envisioning what’s possible, but they also invest so much into communicating these ideas through sights and sounds which the production value can be compared to most blockbuster sci-fi films.

Today at the Wharton Business Technology Conference, Microsoft’s Business Division president Stephen Elop unveiled the latest production from Microsoft Office Labs called “2019″, starring stock photo men, women and children playing with the next-generation of communication, collaboration and production technologies. (via Steve Clayton)

Those with a keen eye and a good memory might recognize a few familiar concepts in this video already shown in earlier videos of the “envisioning” series, for example the future of personal health, having said that, I believe there’s still a couple of new never-before-seen concepts sliced between.