A galaxy of your own

30 september 2010

How cool is this though!

Last December, we wrote about our immersive Google Earth environment, Liquid Galaxy: eight 55-inch LCD screens showing Google Earth in a unified, surround view. Since then, we've taken it to a lot of conferences, built Liquid Galaxies in Google offices all over the world and even put one in the Tech Museum in San Jose, Calif. We love watching people try it for the first time. Almost everybody wants to see their own house first; but then they start to explore, and we can never guess where they'll choose to go next.

But we just couldn't bring it to enough people - we could only go to so many conferences, and only friends and family of Googlers could try out the Liquid Galaxies in our offices.


The future of screens

18 september 2010

Looks good, amazing to think how much is already possible and where we're headed...!

ViewSonic has officially announced its new portable, simple-to-use ViewPad 7 tablet, which the company claims as the worlds first 7-inch (Froyo) Android 2.2-powered tablet equipped with 3G phone functionality, combining a 3MP camera, A-GPS, G-sensor, office document reader, e-book reader, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hand-written note functionality and multi-tasking capabilities in a single compact device.

Main features of ViewSonic ViewPad 7 includes:

  • 7-inch capacitive multi-touch display with 800 x 480 pixels resolution
  • Dual camera : VGA front camera and 3-megapixel back-facing camera
  • Built-in full size SIM card slot and MicroSD memory slot supporting up to 32GB storage
  • Capable of supporting IM, SMS/MMS, VOIP and voice calling
  • Supports Android app store that contains more than 100,000 apps

We are proud to announce another world first at Viewsonic. 3G phone functionality combined with dual cameras gives the ability for use of Android apps to use augmented reality or video calling on the move with the benefit of an excellent 7inch screen, said Derek Wright, European Product Marketing Manager ViewSonic. The ViewPad 7 is aimed at users who require the 'always on' connectivity they are used to from a mobile phone with a more agreeable screen size for longer term use.

The new compact, lightweight ViewSonic ViewPad 7 is expected to be available in coming October for around 350 pound.

Now this might actually be something I'd wanna pick up... Man that thing looks good... Still waiting for the WinPads though...

Read more at mydigitallife.info

Though its kinda slow to tell the story, its a fun thing to do on any given saturday or sunday...


Eva - 2

1 september 2010