fun AND cards NOT boring

Here's a riddle for you: What sort of logic do ghosts like? Answer: "Boo"-lean Logic. We're here all week. But seriously folks, Boolean logic is so much fun - it's about time someone applied that fun to a card game. So they have, with bOOleO Boolean Logic Card Game! It's fun AND logical AND challenging (get it, we used Boolean logic there - oh yeah)! Read on for a sample of how difficult AND exciting bOOleO Boolean Logic Card Game is.

Fun with logic Fun with logic

bOOleO Boolean Logic Card Game is basically a simple card game. You are your opponent start off with a home row of binary numbers. With a "draw a card/play a card" game play, you feverishly try AND race your opponent to complete your logic pyramid. Using AND, OR, XOR, & NOT cards, you begin reducing your home row down into one card. First one to cap the pyramid (so to speak) wins. Sounds easy, until you realize the NOT card is played on a card in the home row, which could devastate your opponent's pyramid (AND possibly also your own). Yup, bOOleO Boolean Logic Card Game has a Logical atom bomb. It's that awesome.

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